Claims are items (usually NFTs) that you will be rewarded for owning specific CyberBrokers assets and/or participation in specific activities. When they become available, you can use this process to retrieve them and have them sent to your wallet.

It is important to note that all Claims will occur using the CyberBrokers website, unless otherwise noted by official CyberBrokers communications channels.

If you are receving information about Claims or Mints from anywhere but the CyberBrokers website it is most likely a scam. Please report in the #support channel in Discord.

You will need to complete the following instructions for each unique wallet that you hold CyberBrokers assets in.

Two very important points:

  • Gas will be paid from the wallet you connect with.

  • Claims will be sent to the Claim Address you enter on the form that contains your CyberBrokers assets.

This is a CyberBrokers innovation and security feature. You do not need to connect your wallet with your CyberBrokers assets to make claims! Thus you never put your assets at risk to make claims.

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