Where is Ken? Who is “Player Four”? The fourth CyberBrokers Quest has been launched! Carefully read the entirety of this message for important details and safety information. Your mission is simple but critical. From July 27th through July 29th, you will work with Spice and Zinc to track down anyone who may have information that could lead to finding Ken. Keep an eye on the #announcement and #cb-quests channels in the CyberBrokers Discord and tweets from the @CyberBrokers_ Twitter account for clues and next steps.

Spice and Zinc took a trip to Magnetic to search for information about where Ken was taken after his capture. After they came up empty, they tried to find The Moderator. Questers followed a breadcrumb trail that led them to the pseudo-anonymous chat network called DarkNet (in the CyberBrokers Discord) where they got in touch with The Moderator.

After contact was made, questers helped The Moderator decrypt a file found within ShaDAO servers. It revealed a profile of the CyberBroker Soleia, who was believed to have some knowledge about ShaDAO and where they may have taken Ken…

Spice and Ken set up a meeting with Soleia to see what information she had that could help, but they learned that she was unable to remember anything from the time in question. Spice and Ken were determined to not give up and took Soleia to see Intoxicating the Average, a Gene Editor, in hopes that she could help restore the memories that Soleia had lost. They learned a Memory Dam had been implanted in Soleia to block her memories, and they tried to erode the dam to get a small portion of her memories back. The procedure was a success, and Soleia remembered being locked up in a cold place and that the Hubur Key (one of Asherah’s 7 key relics) was needed to get her in and out. They realized that ShaDAO must have taken Ken to the same place, and that they would need the Hubur Key to rescue him. Luckily, Soleia remembered exactly who held the multi-sig wallet that contained it. But they would have to execute a difficult coordinated d-mezz of all 3 of them at the same time in order to burn the multi-sig wallet and drop the unburnable relic.

With the knowledge that Soleia provided - that the 3 ShaDAO members are Stanton, Luther Radioactive, and Fay from Acidic - questers turned to The Moderator for help. The Moderator was able to provide questers with some information about the ShaDAO members, but it was up to the questers to determine in what order to carry out the attacks for each. After discovering the locations of their targets, questers engaged in a targeted ad campaign to carry out the attack by luring the targets to each location by block 7200. This led to the successful claim of the Hubur Key by Soleia.

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