Display information about your associated verified wallets and CyberBrokers assets within them. Assets are combined from multiple wallets, and all information is pulled directly from the blockchain. This information will include:

  • Your discord handle#number.

  • The verified wallets associated with your account.

    • Hot - the address you've verified with Discord.

    • Cold - the address(es) that you've set up using delegate.cash and linked to your hot wallet.

  • CyberBrokers NFTs you own.

    • Note: This will switch from listing individual brokers to a summary by Talent if you have a lot of Brokers. Discord messages only provide limited space to display things!

  • Mech NFTs you own.

    • Mech Parts - Unrevealed

    • Mech Parts - Afterglow

    • Mech Parts - Revealed

    • Mechs - Assembled

    • Any other CyberBrokers assets

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