Advanced Prompting

For those who want more control over their outputs.

Other than the /dream slash command, Pixie Bolt AI will also pick up standard messages that start with !dream. This can be very useful as you can save your prompts in places like Google Docs or Sheets for later use, including their seed numbers.

The format of these commands is the following:

!dream <prompt> --<setting> <value> [--setting <value>]

Following our original example, we can recreate it with the following:

!dream frozen tundra, (snow covered bunker)++ [city, street, urban] --model cb-spice-tpl

You can also add a specific seed number as well:

!dream frozen tundra, (snow covered bunker)++ [city, street, urban] --model cb-spice-tpl --seed 2893004307

Prompt Additions

To make sure all outputs from Pixie Bolt AI are the best quality and have a consistent look, we have added some defaults to all prompts.

The following keywords are added to all prompts:

studio lighting, high quality, professional, dramatic, cinematic movie still, very detailed, character art, concept art, focused, digital art.

  • You can override these using your own styles inside the parenthesis with a + symbol at the end. Multiple + symbols increase the priority.

    • (comic style)++

The following negative prompts are added as well.

[squished, squashed, distorted eyes, blurry eyes, poorly drawn hands, extra limbs, gross proportions, missing arms, mutated hands, long neck, duplicate, mutilated hands, poorly drawn face, deformed, bad anatomy, cloned face, malformed limbs, missing legs, too many fingers, ugly, tiling, out of frame, mutation, extra legs, extra arms, disfigured, deformed, cross-eye, body out of frame, blurry, bad art, bad anatomy, blurred, text, watermark, grainy, writing, calligraphy, sign, signature, logo, cut off, bad proportions]

  • These specifically take care of the common issues that novice users complain about when first using AI.

You can override this behavior and remove both the positive and negative keywords that are added by default using --npa true withthe !dream command. This override cannot be done from the /dream command.

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