If you aren't familiar with how to use Slash commands inside Discord, read this first.

The Muffled Stutter Ad Buddy has been reprogrammed to provide reference information on CyberBrokers and personalized services. The following Slash commands are available withing the #support and Community channels:

Information Commands

  • /cb-wallet - Shows CyberBrokers assets in your linked hot wallet and its delegated cold wallet.

  • /cb-wallet-addr - Same as /cb-wallet, but you can provide a wallet address or ENS name.

  • /cb-broker - Shows a specific CyberBrokers NFT.

  • /cb-talent - Shows all 51 CyberBrokers' Talents.

  • /cb-class - Shows the 6 CyberBrokers' Classes.

Verification Commands

  • /cb-verify - Verifies ownership of a hot wallet address and links it to Discord.

  • /cb-signature - The 2nd step in the /cb-verify command.

  • /cb-univerify - Removes Discord association from a hot wallet.

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