Version 2.0

February 28, 2023

An upgrade that provides both generic AI features and CyberBrokers-specific features like custom-trained models of brokers and CyberBrokers Traits.

  • New, easy-to-use, intuitive user interface to access common features like redraw, edit prompt, model selection, image size, and upscaling.

  • More trained model choices:

    • Stable diffusion v1.5 (512px) and 2.1 (768px)

    • Custom-trained models for brokers Ken, Zinc, Soleia, and Drifter Spice (TPL version)

    • Custom-trained models for CyberBrokers Hacker Talent, Cammer Mask, and Bitcoin Mask Traits.

    • Additional models from Hugging Face to produce styles like comics and cyberpunk.

  • Full prompt support for advanced users

  • Prompt support for priorities and negatives

  • Default prompt and negatives additions to produce better outputs

  • Support for image 2 image

Pixie Bolt AI V2 was created by the CyberBrokers team with key contributions from holder 0xjames in understanding AI technology and creating custom CyberBrokers-trained models.

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