Ken is in Cold Storage, but where is it and how will we get him out? The fifth CyberBrokers Quest has been launched! Carefully read the entirety of this message for important details and safety information. Your mission is simple but critical. From September 6th through September 8th you will work with Spice, Zinc, and Soleia to locate Cold Storage and make a plan to rescue Ken. Keep an eye on the #announcement and #cb-quests channels in the CyberBrokers Discord and tweets from the @CyberBrokers_ Twitter account for clues and next steps.

Soleia, with more of her memories returning, remembers ShaDAO kept her locked up in a place called Cold Storage and recalls one of the Enforcers that was posted there upon her arrival, Mason from Silent. Not having much luck locating Mason, The Moderator finally finds some personal data being sold on the blackmarket that contains profile data for Mason from Silent and an account he has on OnlyCams. With this data, Spice, Zinc, and Soleia discover he has frequent interactions with a person who goes by the name of BadGlitch. Visiting the Bunny District, the team discovers that BadGlitch is an alias for the cammer Stockpile Quotidian, and Mason from Silent is one of her clients. Learning that they are looking to rescue the broker that led the Merkle Tree protests, Stockpile agrees to help them get the information they are looking for from Mason from Silent.

Stockpile Quotidian successfully encourages Mason from Silent to share the node address of the secret Cold Storage location. With the help of Thamas, one of the top Astronomers in TPL, Zinc, and Soleia are able to get a scan of the node and learn that a fortress has been built there that was designed by none other than the famous PuzzleMaster, Selena Nebulous. Under the guise of being superfans, Spice, Zinc, and Soleia attempt to flatter Selena and get her to share the blueprints for the secret fortress she designed. Selena, wanting them to prove their fandom, challenges them to beat her latest Quest, sponsored by Fukutsu Manufacturing, but with the expectation they will fail due to the dominance of Team FOMO on the Quest circuit.

Spice, Zinc, and Soleia enter the competition under the name Team Ken as it's the only way to get the blueprints they desperately need. After sizing up the competition, they are loaded into CacheQuest, a 16-bit parcel map where the first team to return to the start with all three Fukutsu Manufacturing component orbs will be declared the winner and walk away with a brand new set of Gen 7 Mecha Legs. With Team FOMO pulling into an early lead, Soleia cleverly dismantles a gun to build an electromagnet that diverts the path of the first component orb as it races through water pipes. Spice is able to use her observational skills and knowledge of her real-world compound to notice the drums in the sewer are suspicious. She discovers the riddle is leading them to use cardinal directions to make a passcode then claims the second component orb. Their lead is short lived as Team FOMO catches up a few blocks later. In searching for the last orb on the streets above, Zinc notices not all the walls are real and a few have hidden cavities one can reach through. Running out of walls to check, Team FOMO finds the last component orb. Thinking Team Ken has lost, an angered Zinc hurls a brick through a nearby poster. The brick passes through for them to discover the final orb themselves at which point they race by Team FOMO and their premature celebrations before they realize what just happened.

With the location of Cold Storage and blueprints of the compound in hand, all that is left is devising a plan. Each of them shares their own thoughts on the best plan of attack. All that is left is to pick which one will have the best chance of success…

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