Step 2. Discord Verify

In this step, you'll verify your hot wallet in the CyberBrokers Discord using the "/cb-verify" command and the /verify page on the website to sign a message. This will verify and link your hot wallet to your Discord account, replacing for holder verification in the future. Doing this step will also allow you to enjoy more personalized services based on the CyberBrokers assets you own via Discord bots like "Muffled Stutter"!


  • Successfully completed Step 1 if using

  • Be logged into Discord

  • A browser with access to your hot wallet (it is recommended to use a computer rather than a mobile device)

  • The Ethereum address or ENS name of your hot wallet


  1. Go to CyberBrokers Discord and enter the #support channel.

  2. Use the "/cb-verify" command with your hot wallet address or ENS name. If you're unsure how to use a Discord slash command, visit Slash Commands.

  3. Follow the instructions and click the "Generate Signature" button.

If you're on mobile, this will open your default browser. You will need to copy/paste the URL into the MetaMask browser.

4. Discord will let you know you are following the link and leaving Discord. Click "Yep!"

5. Click the "Connect Wallet" button and select your hot wallet.

6. Review the safety items, check the box, then click "Submit".

7. Click "Click to generate signature".

8. MetaMask will ask you to sign a message, click "Sign".

9. The website page will update and tell you if you were successful. In Discord, you should get the following message also indicating success:

10. Use the "/cb-wallet" command in Discord to verify your CyberBrokers assets are visible.

That's it! If you have CyberBrokers in your hot wallet or delegated cold wallet, you will now have the CyberBroker role in Discord and access to all holder channels.

If the process did not work, repeat from step 2 using the "/cb-verify" command in Discord.

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