Incoming Transmission

🏁 Let’s Get Started

Now that that’s all out of the way, we received this transmission from Spice! Maybe you can lend her a hand?

> Ohai!
> You don't know me, but I'm Mech Pilot Spice from Alpha Command 10.  I was hoping I could ask a favor.
> I just found out my friend, Zinc, doesn't have any memories of his mother.  So, I thought an old 'gram or two of her would be a nice gift.
> Maybe it might even trigger a old memory for him.
> But I can't seem to find any recordings of the woman!
> Here's my idea:  Maybe we can find some old security captures from places she'd visited back in the day.
> Then, we could extract that data out into a nice, stylish 'gram for Zinc.
> Unfortunately, all I've found so far is this empty byte array that's about the right size to belong to his mother.
> According to his biometric data, anyway. :)
> The problem is, a firewall slammed into place as soon as I copied the empty array to my firmware key.
> I guess someone decided I was searching the wrong keywords.
> Anyway, I'm locked out, and it's all 500 errors everywhere.
> But, before the firewall blocked me, I'd narrowed the locations of the rest of the data down to 5 places.  They're old, and I don't have access codes, so I was wondering if any of you could visit them.
> It'd be a giga-favor to me if you could help nab the rest of the surveillance data for Zinc's present.
> I'd appreciate the assist.
> Lemme grab those location addresses for you.
> Actually, just a tic.  There's someone banging on the outer p

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