Step 1. Delegate

In this step, you will use the delegate page on the CyberBrokers website to connect your cold wallet containing CyberBrokers assets to a hot wallet address. This enables you to access the utility of your assets stored in the cold wallet using the hot wallet address. This process needs to be done only once. After that, you can access your assets through the CyberBrokers platform and any third-party platforms that support now or in the future.


  • A browser with access to your cold wallet (it is recommended to use a computer rather than a mobile device)

  • The Ethereum address or ENS name of a pre-created hot wallet


  1. Go to the CyberBrokers delegate page

  2. Click the "Connect Wallet" button, and connect your cold wallet

  3. Paste your hot wallet address or ENS name into the "Delegate Address" field

  4. Click the "Delegate" button, and MetaMask will pop up

  5. Verify the information matches the below, and click "Confirm" in MetaMask. Note that this step will cost gas as it is interacting with the contract

6. Wait for the transaction to process, and you'll get the following message

7. Click the "Wallet Connected" button, then "Disconnect" button to remove your cold wallet connection

Next time you connect to the CyberBrokers website, use your hot wallet! Continue to Step 2 ➡️

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