Notable Moments

omaru#4123 figured out the frequency signals overlap with the letter grid and intersections lead to a link.

tinkov#4804 discovered the imgur link

cryptoartbeast.eth#9049 discovered the P.O.S.T. Box at the party.

mikemikemike#2372 discovers the hidden text in the instructions

m | SMOOTH ROUGH#3400 solves the POST Box puzzle!

silver_anth#1337 solves the QR code leading to the Ethereal Node in CryptoVoxels

fand#1608 solves the dance floor puzzle!

omaru#4123 discovers the SHADAO dossiers!


  • The Ethereal Node in CryptoVoxels had over 15,000 visits during Quest #3!

  • 768 unique CyberBrokers earned participation by tweeting and signing the Guest Book on the Power Eleven OS.

  • A total of 1,132 unique wallets signed the Guest Book on Power Eleven OS.

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