More Info is a smart contract and website that allows you to securely connect your hot and cold wallets. Created by 0xfoobar and a team of experts in the crypto space, it stores hot/cold wallet associations on-chain in a structured way, making it easy for others to verify the connection.

The process is simple: connect your cold wallet, define an authorized hot wallet, and that association is stored on-chain. From then on, you can use your hot wallet anywhere that supports and they will be able to confirm the assets in your cold wallet.

It's important to note that this process does not grant the hot wallet or anyone else permission to access or use the assets in your cold wallet. It simply provides a provable way for others to confirm the connection between your hot and cold wallets.

This hot/cold wallet association can be used for a variety of read-only functions such as token gating on Discord and websites, allowing you to use assets you own in games.

For CyberBrokers users, we have created our own delegate page on our website to make interacting with the contract even easier. Several projects, such as ArtBlocks, ForgottenRunes, Token Proof, and Azuki, have already integrated support for To ensure compatibility with other projects, it is recommended to reach out to them on Discord or Twitter to inquire about their plans. To view a current list of supporting projects and for more information, please visit the website.

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