Quest #2 Completed!

In Quest #1, Spice learned new information that all CyberBrokers are AI. Leading into Quest #2, she set out with Ken and Zinc to spread this bombshell message as far and wide across the Paradigm as possible. In order to do this, they decided to split up and try different ways to get the message out.

Spice was able to break into data center servers and give CyberBrokers access to the Power Eleven network. CyberBrokers were able to connect to the terminal and were given tasks based on their highest Mind, Body, or Soul stat.

Part 1 of Chapter 5 was already written in stone, but it was up to CyberBrokers to determine how the story moved forward.

Team Scores

The team that managed to make the most noise inside of the Paradigm… Team Soul!


1. Soul (6665)

2. Body (4135)

3. Mint (4055)

Unlocked: Chapter 5, Part 2

With the conclusion of Quest #2, Chapter 5 now has an epilogue based on the efforts of Team Soul. Read the updated chapter now:

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