Airdrop: Enforcer & Lupis Model Mech Arms

Give yourself a hand for completing Quest #1, and start your mech-building journey.

Important Security Notice: This airdrop’s contract address is: 0xf4baCB2375654Ef2459f427C8c6cF34573f75154. Never claim any airdrops from us or click on any links unless they are posted directly in our Announcements channel in Discord. We will never DM you with a link for a claim. The airdrop for the Enforcer and Lupis Model Mech Arms is completely free and automatic. You do not need to do anything to receive your airdrop.

Congratulations on your brand new Enforcer and/or Lupis Model Mech Arm. This is a token of appreciation from the CyberBrokers team for having successfully completed your mission to help Spice. For those curious, you can find the full solution to Quest #1 here. Read along for details on the airdrop, assets, and what to do with them.

Airdrop Details

Last week on April 8th at the conclusion of Quest #1, we took a snapshot of all CyberBroker holders.

  • Any wallet that held a CyberBroker at the Quest's conclusion received one Enforcer Model TPL Mecha arm per CyberBroker.

  • Any wallet (CyberBroker holders and non-CyberBroker holders alike) that participated in solving the Quest (after deduping), also received a Lupis Model TPL Mecha arm.

The above wallets were airdropped the corresponding arms today April 12th at 7:11 PM CDT. The airdrop was completely free and automatic, requiring no action on your part. *There were a small handful of wallets that were unable to accept the airdrop. If you believe you should have received the airdrop but were unable to (for example, if your contract does not accept 1155 tokens) please contact us through the form here within 30 days.

About the Assets

The assets are the scrapped arms of a standard Enforcer Model TPL Mecha and powerful Lupis Model TPL Mecha. They are salvageable as either right or left mech attachments. The supply for these mech arms are as follows; 10,001 Enforcer and 1,492 Lupis.

Build a Mech!

Mechs are one of the top ways to navigate TPLs hectic airways and protect your Broker from being d’mezzed. You can build a mech from scratch by collecting salvageable parts over time to be assembled at the end of Season 1. Each mech can have up to two collector model arms attached to it. Be sure to follow future Quests for the opportunity to earn the highest quality collector model parts. Your custom-built mech will be used to aid you in solving Quests. Remember, mechs need operators and can not be used by themselves.

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