🎁 Your Reward: Mecha Body Leg

You put in some serious work this Quest, brokers. This calls for a reward, and not just any reward. A TPL Mecha Body Leg!


To be eligible for Quest #5 rewards you must either:

  1. Own a CyberBroker by 1pm CDT on September 11th, or

  2. Own a Lupis Model Mecha Arm by 1pm CDT on September 11th.

We will take a snapshot of all CyberBroker holders, Lupis Model Mecha Arm holders, and participation credit on September 11th, 2022 at 1pm CDT.

Earn Your Participation Credit

To get participation credit, you must do the following before 1pm CDT on Sunday, September 11th, 2022:

  1. Connect your wallet and sign a message that will say “Connecting to the Power Eleven OS Terminal (Block:XXX...)”

  2. Open the commlink application on the desktop

  3. Read through the descriptions of the 3 Operations and vote for one of the 3 at the top

Reward Distribution

This Quest season’s rewards are categorized into five tiers of Mecha models. From most to least powerful, these are the Nexus, Lupis, Behemoth, Ravager, and Enforcer models. The number and power of the rewards you receive depend on whether you participated in the Quest and how many CyberBrokers your wallet holds.

  • All Lupis Model Mecha Arm holders will receive a Lupis Model Mecha part if they earned a participation credit in the Quest. If they did not participate, they will receive an Enforcer Model Mecha Part instead.

  • Any wallet that participates and contains at least one CyberBroker is eligible under the “Participation Rewards” table to the left.

  • Any wallet that holds a CyberBroker at the Quest's conclusion that did not participate in the Quest will be eligible under the “Standard Rewards” table to the right.

  • For example, if you hold 6 CyberBrokers, you will receive the rewards indicated on line 6. If you own 24 CyberBrokers, you will get the line 10 rewards 2x and line 4 rewards.

👐 How to Claim

You can receive your rewards at your convenience through the CyberBrokers website here: The claims will be live within two weeks of Quest #5’s end, and we will notify the community when it is available. You must claim your TPL mecha parts by the end of the 2022 calendar year or else they will expire. This Quest’s claims will be made available within two weeks, and not one, because of the close proximity to the Ethereum merge. As usual, we will be exercising extreme caution and will update the community if any delays can be expected.

Important Security Notice

The Quest #5 contract address is: 0xf4bacb2375654ef2459f427c8c6cf34573f75154. Never interact with any contracts related to CyberBrokers or Mechs unless they are posted directly in our Announcements channel in Discord. We will never DM you with a link for a claim. The claim is free except for a gas fee when claiming.

If you participated in Quest #5 with a hot wallet and want to still benefit from CyberBrokers or Lupis Mecha Arms in cold storage, you must link your hot and cold wallets with the CyberBroker Quest Hot x Cold Wallet Links form before Quest participation credit closes at 1pm CDT on September 11th. If you have filled this form out in the past and you are using the same wallets - you do not need to do it again!

Build a Mech!

Mechs are one of the top ways to navigate TPL’s hectic airways and protect your Broker from being d-mezzed. You can build a mech from scratch by collecting salvageable parts over time to be assembled at the end of Season 1. Be sure to follow future Quests for the opportunity to earn the highest quality collector model parts.

Your custom-built mech will be used to aid you in solving future Quests. Remember, mechs need operators and can not be used by themselves.

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