Slash Commands

Slash commands allow you to interact with custom created features of Discord bots that have been added to a Discord server. CyberBrokers will be using slash commands to provide unique and personalized experiences within the CyberBrokers Discord server, so you should become familiar with how to use them.
There are two primary ways to use slash commands.

+ Symbol

  • Click the + symbol to the left of where you type messages, then click Use Slash Commands.
  • This will provide a list of Discord Bots on the left. Muffled Stutter is the first circled bot and provides slash commands that are informational only. Muffled Stutter+ is the second circled bot and provides wallet verification commands.
  • Click a bot on the left, then click the command you want to use. The slash command will then show up in the send message area and you can interact with it from there.

/ Start

  • Start by typing the / (forward slash) character and the beginning of the slash command name.
  • As you type, you will be given options that match.
  • You can select one from the list above, or continue typing to complete the slash command name.
  • Once you have selected one, it will show up in the send message area and you can interact with it from there.

Command Options

In this case, there is an optional command parameter that needs to be filled out before you can submit the command.
  • There are often options for each command. You can click the more text to see them and then click an option to add it to the command.
  • Once you have entered all the options, click the enter key or submit button to execute the slash command.