Quest #3 Completed!

In Quest #2, Spice set out with Ken and Zinc to spread the bombshell message that CyberBrokers are AI as far and wide across the Paradigm as possible. To do this, they decided to split up and try different ways to get the message out. This caught the attention of the mysterious ShaDAO organization who locked Spice and her command out of TPL entirely.

Spice had to get access to the P.O.S.T. Box to get a message to Zinc. Then, CyberBrokers had to work with Ken and Zinc to try to get Spice and her command back into TPL.

CyberBrokers took the role of Mission Command during Ken and Zinc’s heroic infiltration of a ShaDAO building. Decisions made by players led to a path where only Zinc escaped and Ken was captured by ShaDAO.

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