Prompt Basics

To get an output that you’ll like, you first need to understand prompts - how they work, common words, and the power of negative terms.

Model Trigger Words

Each model usually has a specific term used to trigger the "look". You will note that the prompt we started with in Quick Start was "frozen tundra, snow covered bunker". The resulting output though was "cb-spice-tpl, woman, frozen tundra, snow covered bunker".

  • cb-spice-tpl is the trigger word for this model.

  • woman is to make sure the character we get is female.

  • Each CyberBrokers-trained model has trigger words that are added automatically by Pixie Bolt AI for you. See the CyberBrokers Models section.

  • Never change these trigger words or put anything before them. Always make prompt modifications after them.

The exception to this is the base stable diffusion models, which do not require these.

Common Terms

There are a number of common terms that will help you mold an output that you’re looking for. Try these out to see how they work in the specific model you are using.

  • Character Positioning: front-facing (or view), side view, sitting on the couch, sitting at the table, etc.

  • Character Focus: "full body" to make sure the full figure will be shown, "close up" for primarily the face, etc.

Keyword Priority

There will be times when you ask for something and it doesn't show up prominently as you’d prefer on the output. You can try to fix this by using the plus (+) symbol to add priority to a word or set of words.

  • "frozen tundra, snow covered bunker+" would prioritize displaying a bunker

  • "frozen tundra, (snow covered bunker)+" would prioritize the concept inside the parenthesis

  • "frozen tundra, snow covered bunker++" will prioritize displaying a bunker more prominently

Negative Prompts

These are just as important as what you are asking for - eliminating what you don't want. This tool will try and avoid anything you put inside brackets and this can include multiple terms.

Our example is looking for an outdoor theme, so we are getting backgrounds that don't match. We can add some negative prompts to get rid of them.

  • "frozen tundra, snow covered bunker [city, street, urban]" - themes of city, street, and urban will be avoided using these negative prompts.

Sometimes you just need to 🎲 Redream!

There are times when no matter what changes you make to a prompt, the output will just not cooperate. This can be a function of the seed number, which stays the same as you are editing the prompt over and over.

The 🎲 ReDream button is there for exactly this reason. Click it and it will keep your current prompt and settings, while selecting a new random seed to use. More information on this in Seed Sculpting.

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