Brokers, you did it! You have successfully completed Quest#1. A total of 1,947 wallets and 1,225 CyberBrokers helped compromise the mainframes and Firewalls to assist in Spice’s search for a picture of Zinc’s mother. Not only was our community’s engagement off the charts, but we also rallied hundreds of non-CyberBroker holders to help along the way. Now that’s teamwork. Full stats, including a “Notable Brokers” list, are below!

Now Unlocked

Now on to what you’ve been waiting and working hard for. The Unlocks for Quest#1.

  1. A new Chapter 4 is available to read on our updated website, which will host all lore moving forward.

  2. All CyberBroker holders will be airdropped a mech arm on Tuesday, April 12. We have already taken the snapshot of all holders at the conclusion of this Quest, so anyone who held a CyberBroker at the Quest's conclusion will receive an Enforcer Model mech arm. And anyone that participated in solving the Quest (after de-duping), will receive a Lupis Model mech arm. You must read the important security details below to stay safe and avoid false airdrops and claims.

You’ve earned it, Brokers.

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