The other three possible Kens to be extracted were:

  1. Normal Ken: Though his time in the pod might have been traumatic and he might be a bit confused as to what happened to him, the team would have managed to extract Ken without ShaDAO tampering with memories.

  2. ShaDAO Sympathizer Ken: The team would have fallen right into ShaDAO’s trap. Somewhere along the memory path, they messed with Ken’s core memories and though they might have thought they were sparing Ken from bad memories, they instead manipulated him to be sympathetic to ShaDAO.

  3. Memory Loss Ken: If the team had gone this path, the Ken that would have emerged from Cold Storage would have had his memory erased. Not only would he have no idea who Zinc or Spice were, but he would also have to rediscover who he himself was all over again.

Quest #6 in a metaverse (CryptoVoxels) recreation of Cold Storage, with the community trying to save Ken!

Here’s the number of players that visited each memory. Was your decision the popular choice?

Ken 1 (Memory Loss Ken): 65 (6.1%)

Ken 2 (Killer Rage Ken): 434 (41.0%)

Ken 3 (Plain Typical Ken): 167 (15.7%)

Ken 4 (ShaDAO Sympathizer Ken): 393 (37.2%)

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