Your Reward: Packaged Mecha Heads

Now on to what you’ve been waiting and working hard for. The reward for solving Quest #3 is claimable Packaged Mecha Heads.

This is a well-earned gift for helping Spice get back into TPL and also running mission command for Ken and Zinc during their brave raid into the ShaDAO warehouse. The information on distribution and reward tiers is below.

Haven’t earned participation yet? Here’s how:

You have until Sunday 6/26 at 11 AM EST to earn participation.

Due to signatures unknowingly getting removed from the CryptoVoxels guestbook, we switched the verification method for Quest #3.

To get verification credit:

  • Head to The Ethereal Node in CryptoVoxels at:

  • Talk to the left bartender who will link you to the website.

  • Connect your wallet and click on the Guest Book app on the power-eleven desktop.

  • Send and verify the tweet for credit.

If you have previously signed the guestbook in Cryptovoxels, YOU WILL NEED TO complete the above process again as many signatures were lost. You no longer need to connect to the CV plot, claim a username, or look for a guestbook in CryptoVoxels.

Claim Details

Important Security Notice:

The Quest #3 contract address is: 0xf4bacb2375654ef2459f427c8c6cf34573f75154. Never interact with any contracts related to CyberBrokers or Mechs unless they are posted directly in our Announcements channel in Discord. We will never DM you with a link for a claim. The claim for the Mech Heads is free except for a gas fee when claiming.

All CyberBrokers and Lupis Mech Arm holders will be eligible to mint a certain amount of Mecha Heads from a pool of five different types of Heads.

On June 24th after the conclusion of Quest #3, we took a snapshot of all CyberBrokers and Lupis Mech Arm holders.

  • To be eligible for participation rewards, you had to connect to the Power Eleven OS website and verify a tweet via the Guest Book application.

  • All Lupis Mech Arms will be able to claim a Lupis Mecha Head if they earned participation rewards. If the wallet did not participate, they will be able to claim an Enforcer Mech Head instead.

  • Any wallet that contains at least one CyberBrokers and is eligible for participation rewards is eligible under the Participation Rewards table.

  • Any wallet that held a CyberBrokers at the Quest's conclusion that did not participate in the Quest will be eligible under the Standard Rewards table.

Reward Tiers

The number of claims and the rarity of the claims you will be eligible to claim depends on if you participated and how many CyberBrokers your wallet holds.


  • If you hold 6 CyberBrokers, you will be able to claim the rewards indicated on line 6.

  • If you own 24 CyberBrokers, you will be eligible for line 10 rewards 2x and line 4 rewards.

Build a Mech!

Mechs are one of the top ways to navigate TPL’s hectic airways and protect your Broker from being d’mezzed. You can build a mech from scratch by collecting salvageable parts over time to be assembled at the end of Season 1. Be sure to follow future Quests for the opportunity to earn the highest quality collector model parts.

Your custom-built mech will be used to aid you in solving future Quests. Remember, mechs need operators and can not be used by themselves.

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