Other Models

We've also provided other trained models that Pixie Bolt AI users might find interesting.

  • base-sd15 - vanilla stable diffusion v1.5, trained at 512x512px

  • base-sd21 - vanilla stable diffusion v2.1, trained at 768x768px. This is the default model.

  • midjourney4 - trained on the style of outputs from the MidJourney service

  • comic - trained on various comic styles

  • cyberpunk - extension of waifu model with cyberpunk specific style

  • dreamlike - trained on the contents of dreamlike.art and tend to have a blend between 3D and comic style. Using the keyword "dreamlike" will further strengthen the style.

  • gborderlands - the Borderlands game style, a cross between comic and cyberpunk

  • trinart - manga/anime style model

  • waifu - anime-specific trained model

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