Discord Security

These are our recommendations for Discord settings to keeping your account safe.
  • Setup 2FA for your Discord account.
    • Settings/My Account/Setup 2FA.
  • Turn off DMs by default.
    • Safe Direct Messaging - Keep me safe.
    • Settings/Privacy & Safety/Allow direct messages from server members - off.
  • Turn off DMs for CyberBrokers server, and other servers.
    • CyberBrokers/Privacy Settings/Direct Messages - off.
These are our recommendations for keeping yourself safe using Discord.
  • Nobody should ever ask for personal, financial, or wallet seed phrases in DM or in public channels. Don't give it out.
  • Mint/Claim/Drop opportunities will never be sent to you via DM. If you get them, block the user.
    • Claims are always done from the Claim page on the CyberBrokers website.
    • NEVER from anywhere else.
    • Look at link URLs carefully before clicking.
  • Only 100% trust links in channels controlled by the server owner.
    • For CyberBrokers that is the Information and Communication categories.
  • It's easy to impersonate someone in Discord
    • If you are DM'ng with someone you believe is from the CyberBrokers Team or a Discord moderator, there is an easy way to check.
    • Go into Discord, look at member list on right. click the name of the person, then click message them.
    • If you don't end up in same chat, you are not talking to the real person.