Usage Policy

By using Pixie Bolt AI you are agreeing to the following terms & conditions.
The Pixie Bolt AI service is provided to CyberBroker holders for use under the following terms and conditions.
Terms & Conditions
  • There is no fee for use of the service if terms and conditions are followed.
  • To access the service, you must own a CyberBrokers NFT and have the “CyberBroker” role in discord. You can receive the CyberBroker role in Discord through wallet verification in the #delegate-cash channel.
  • This service is solely for use in creating images related to the CyberBrokers project, Lore, Universe, and your own visions of it.
  • If posting on social media, please include the hashtags #CyberBrokers #PixieBoltAI
  • The service shall not be used to create illegal, offensive, or distasteful images.
  • The resulting images can be used for personal or commercial purposes. There are no restrictions.
  • CyberBrokers reserves the right to limit holders to a daily or weekly usage limit to ensure all holders have equal access to the service.
Last modified 5d ago